MobileKnox: Your Mobile Password Safe

Though there are some great ideas around to provide a global single sign-on infrastructure for web applications like OpenID today’s reality is different:

  • usually one account per web site – hopefully with different passwords
  • IMAP accounts for email
  • accounts for instant messaging networks (MSN, ICQ, Jabber)
  • accounts for your workstations at work, at home and for your notebook
  • PINs for your various credit and debit cards
  • account numbers and PINs for online and telephone banking
  • access codes for door locks and physical access control
  • and you probably can think of a lot more…

MobileKnox aims to make your life a bit easier by providing a secure store for your account data on your mobile phone.

If you are like me your mobile will always be with you. That means you will always have access to your credentials whether you are at work, at home or on the road.

MobileKnox runs on most Java-enabled mobiles and PDAs and is accompanied with a small desktop application that runs on all major platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux) to synchronize passwords with your device.


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