Java on the iPhone?

Ed Burnette notes “Despite public comments by Steve Jobs that ‘Java’s not worth building in [to the iPhone]’, it turns out that Apple did just that by using an ARM-based CPU that supports Java natively. Programmers cannot (yet) take advantage of this, but Apple could, if they wanted, ship a software upgrade to enable it.”

The processor in Apple’s iPhone nativly supports Java bytecode. On top of that the Jazelle technology software provides a full featured multi-tasking Java Virtual Machine, highly optimized to take advantage of Jazelle technology architecture extensions available the processor core.

So what is the point? Apple’s strategy regarding Java does not seem to be technically motivated. Have a look at Java 6 support in OS X: While they were quite fast with the first beta snapshots (released almost at the same time for OS X, Windows and Linux) a final Java 6 JDK will probably never be released for Tiger. If Leopard will support Java 6 that’s almost one year after Java 6 for Windows and Linux has been released by Sun.

Maybe the open source community will take over and port OpenJDK to the Mac. For now I am pissed and as a Java developer I feel discriminated against :-).